Spend more time having fun in Japan, I've got your lessons covered.

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Dear Future or Current ALT, 

Over the last three years, I have spent literally hundreds of hours creating, testing and tweaking these lessons plans, a while keeping these two important rules in mind:  

The first was that these lessons had to FUN. Most importantly fun for the students, but also fun to teach. I made sure these lessons hit this point out of the ballpark. 

The second was that they had to require 15 minutes or less to prepare for. I know you came to Japan to have fun in Japan, not worry about planning lessons for hours and hours. In fact, in most cases your prep time with be less than 5 minutes.

Here's what's included:

  •  A Full year of lesson plans for the mandatory grades you will teach, 5th and 6th (66+ lessons) (All lessons cover every MEXT required grammar point)
  • 30+ Custom Worksheets 
  • Powerpoint games
  • Yearly Curriculum
  • Holiday Activities (<-new this year!)
  • Japanese Translations of Activities (<-new this year!)
  •  and MORE!

I know you will have a great year with these lessons and so will your students! 

To give you a better idea of what is included, I've prepared a sample, so be sure to check it out if you want some hands on time with these lesson plans. 

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If you have question, comment or suggestion about these lesson plans, please do not hesitate to contact me ->

Have more fun, -james

"I'm a 7-year ALT. When James asked me to be the guinea pig for these lesson plans, I told him to ___ off. I already knew the best way to do each lesson. But, after some convincing, I gave them a try, and I'm very glad I did. Fun lessons, minimal prep, and my company was happier than ever with my work."

Tom, 7-year dispatch ALT

I show up at one of my ES's on Tuesday, expecting to teach the 3 classes (two 1st grade, one 2nd grade) that the schedule has written on it. But, lo and behold! "Sean Sensei, we think it would be great if you taught 5th and 6th with Tanaka sensei today. Do you have any ideas?"  

"Uh, yeah....Gimme a sec."

Mild panic ensues, but I know you got my back, cause that's what the Yearly Lesson Plans are for right?

Sean, 3-year JET ALT

Ready for an incredible year as an ALT?

Need a sample? Click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase anything else to use these lesson plans?

No, everything you need is included. Of course, the official Hi Friends! 1+2 flash cards are not included for copyright reasons, but 90% of your schools will have them. If they don't, they are just a google search and print away. 

Don't my schools already have lesson plans?

Some schools do, and some schools don't. When schools do have lesson plans, they are often only in Japanese. When schools do have lesson plans and they are in English, they usually are.... less than ideal. I do encourage you to check your school's situation before buying if you want to be 100% sure though. 


How did you come up with your pricing?

I worked very hard, and spent hundreds of hours over 3 years, to make these lesson plans the best available, anywhere. Even more so now that Version 3.0 has been released. Depending on the package you choose, the final price will come to between $1 and $2 per lesson/worksheet. That's about the cost of a can of coffee from your daily Conbini stop, and you'll be able to use these lesson plans for as long as you choose to be an ALT. It is an investment in your enjoyment of your time in Japan.  


Could I see a sample?

Here you go. (Click) I recommend watching the video above as well. 


Will these lesson plans still be effective even if my schools don't have a computer/tv in the room?

Definitely. While having a TV screen makes things easier, they are not necessary at all. Most activities can just as easily be shown on the blackboard and I know every dialogue can be acted out by you!

Do you have a podcast for people working in Japan?

Why yes I do. :) -> The ALTInsider Podcast

Do you have a FAQ? 



Can I add a Class Number/School Name to the worksheets?

Once you buy these lesson plans they are yours! As long as you don't resell or redistribute, you can print them out and change them as you please. 


How do these differ from Ver. 1.0?

While most of the games and activities are the same, there was an extreme overhaul on the lesson procedures to make them easier to understand and more fun for your students. Worksheets and the Powerpoint games were also tweaked to be as effective as they can be as well. Newly included are lesson bookmarks and the ALT Quicklist to help you be more organized and prepared to be an awesome ALT.


Do you offer Group/Bulk Pricing?

If you are buying as a group for your area/school district (4+), just send me an email ( with how many people you will need lesson plans for and I'll get back to you shortly with the discounted pricing. 


Do you offer Bundle Pricing?

I do now. Say hello to The Jet Pack.


But I don't have a credit card...

I also accept Paypal and Bank Transfer, just email me for the details (

(Want a sample? Click here)

I've made these lesson plans to make your time as an ALT the best it can be and I'm dedicated to make sure that happens. 

If you have any questions, an answer from me is only an email away. -> 

For more on having as much fun as possible while working Japan, head on over to

Have more fun,