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So Here's Everything You Get...

  • 10 Anytime, Anywhere Games
    For all your JHS classes, for any grade-level, any topic. Your days of last minute scrambling online for an activity that ends up not being fun anyways are over.

    Invest in your piece of mind and extra free time. 

    Complete with every needed worksheet and procedure.

  • An End of the Year Review game for EACH Grade Level 
    A full, on level review PowerPoint Game for all 3 grades. Over 30 questions premade for each game, PLUS a blank version that you can customize.

  • Weekly Scheduler 
    A simple scheduling form to keep yourself more organized and prepared for your classes.

  • Remembering Your Teacher's Names Helper
    A form to write down, and then pull out whenever needed, tool so you don't get stuck calling everyone "Sensei." Business Card and Half A4 size included. 

  • Blank Bingo Sheets 
    No more making a table in Word or searching Google and printing it out. It's already done for you. (3 versions)

  • An Epic fist bump for supporting!
    That's right, for helping keep things rolling at, I will raise my fist and virtually bump it with yours.  You rock.